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CPC Commodities

Betsy Reineke
424 Cumberland Place
Nashville, TN 37215
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The merchandising group at CPC Commodities is currently servicing dairy producers, feedlots, the pet food industry, and formula feed manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. Our team is able to utilize an extensive, well-established supplier base along with our Logistics Department's valuable carrier network to accommodate any request in a timely manner.

The following is a sample of the products CPC can source for you.

      Corn Gluten Feed (Pelleted or Loose)
      Corn Screenings
      Soybean Hulls (Pelleted or Loose)
      Soybean Meal
      Cottonseed Hulls
      Cottonseed Meal
      Whole Cottonseed
      Wheat Middlings
      Distillers (Whiskey or Ethanol)
      Rice Hulls
      Rice Mill Feeds
      Rice Bran (full fat and defat)
      Citrus Pulp Pellets
      Canola Meal

CPC's unique presence as an end user and supplier of commodities allows us stronger buying power, ensuring product availability and attractive prices - that's our competitive advantage!

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